Jeans Manufacturing
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Jeans manufacturing History in Turkey
Jeans manufacturing History in Turkey

Our History

NTC Jeans was established in 1979 at Beyazıt-Istanbul. We manufacture denim garments such as jeans, skirt, shirt in our factory. NTC Jeans, which has the ability to perceive customer expectations and adapt to competition conditions in every period since its establishment.

Our Mission

Our company, which does not compromise on quality, aims to be an indispensable brand in the textile sector with an understanding that processes measurable, customer-oriented and gives importance to the environment and people.

 Our factory, which always aims at quality production and high customer satisfaction, meets the needs of today with a sustainable approach, while also considering the needs of future generations.

With awareness, we give utmost importance to produce in a more environmentally sensitive

Jeans Manufacturing sustainability
jeans manufacturing
jeans manufacturing

Luxury Denim Garments Manufacturing

We have 2 parts in our factory. One part is making luxury denim garments. The other part is making price competitive mostly basic jeans.

Private Label Manufacturing

We make private size label, hand tags, back leather label… for our clients brands in our factory. Just sending your graphic design is enough for us.

jeans manufacturing
jeans manufacturing
jeans manufacturing

Tenders and Denim for Workers

We have tender experience in Europe and USA. We can make denim garments for governmental tenders or private companies in our factory. We are currently making denim products for Turkish Army Technological Companies such as MKE, Mining Company(MTE),Electronic Company(Vestel), workers in dockyard and other industries

Our Clients

We manufacture and supply denim jeans, shirts, skirts, and jackets for man-woman-kids. We are usually working with European and American clothing brands.

different pocket types

Wholesale Store

Our wholesale store sells classic 5-pocket jeans to all of Europe and America at a great price.(Contact us for seeing our luxury models)

What Kind of Jeans Do We Make?

How do we decide to make your jeans?

Choosing Material

Choosing true denim, buttons, zipp and others before designing the pattern


Designing Pattern of Jeans


Cutting denim fabrics according to design


Sewing thousands in factory


Washing Jeans with chemicals


Making embroidery if neccesary on design

Ironing - Packaging

Ironing and packaging of garments in factory for sending to customer

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